The Baker-Hanley House

The Baker-Hanley house is located at 67 Park Place and overlooks historic Wilkinson Park.  This area once was filled with mansions but time has removed them in favor of other uses. One exception is the 1823 handsome 2 1/2 story Federal style, 5 bay brick house built  by mason Jonathan Baker.  Unfortunately Baker lost the house in the depression of 1829, and the house was used for residential purposes until the 1940's.  In 1943 Dr. Joseph Hanley and his wife Margaret purchased the house and made changes to permit offices on the ground floor and use the 2nd and 3rd floors for their  family residence.   After Mrs. Hanley and purchased by the Preservation Society of Pawtucket, who was renting office space in the building's first floor. With help from the Champlin Foundations the was Society was able to buy the property.  Using private and City funds PSP rehabilitated the interior and exterior.  It is presently used as office space, rented to The Samaritans of Rhode Island and the Pawtucket Foundation.  The Preservation Society of  Pawtucket still keeps an office and holds their monthly meetings on the second floor.