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Walking tours are free, but we ask that you RSVP by email to  pawtucketpreservation@gmail.com.

Fairlawn Neighborhood
Saturday, October 21

Meet in front of St. Francis Cemetery on Smithfield Avenue



Fairlawn’s stories are mostly linked to the Blackstone Canal and the Providence & Worcester Railroad, and how those modes of transportation changed Pawtucket’s landscape in the second half of the 19th century. The Moshassuck River and the railroad tracks now separate Fairlawn from the rest of the city. The name Fairlawn originated with early English and Scottish textile workers who settled in the area and in 1889, when it was formally subdivided for house lots, the name was retained. This neighborhood developed as mills and factories were built in Pawtucket, Central Falls, and Lincoln. The streetcar line from Providence was extended into Fairlawn, and that made it possible for workers living here to commute to jobs elsewhere. Today, Fairlawn is a neighborhood of mostly single-family houses, an active commercial district, several churches, and a large cemetery. Join us as we visit some of Fairlawn’s historic landmarks.

Pleasant View Neighborhood
Saturday, October 28

Meet at Sacred Heart Church at 38 Park Street


pleasant view

An 1827 map of Pawtucket, MA shows the Norfolk and Bristol Turnpike running northeast from the Main Street bridge into Attleboro. The land on either side of the road was sparsely developed. That changed in 1855 when a large subdivision of land west of present-day Broadway was developed as a residential area and was called the Pleasant View Purchase. The Greene & Daniels Company owned much of the land east of Broadway, where three-family homes were being built to house workers. A hundred years later the construction of 1-95 reversed all of this development; about 300 apartments were lost, and the neighborhood’s population was significantly decreased. The large textile mills that had been responsible for Pleasant View's growth are now apartments, offices, and warehouses. Come with us to visit the landmarks that tell the rich story of Pleasant View. This 90-minute walk is just over one mile, starting at the Sacred Heart Church and ending at Our Lady of Consolation.


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